Wednesday, May 23, 2012

chocolate ganach cup cakes

Monday, May 21, 2012

baby shower cake

Baby shower cake made with chocolate mud cake with a chocolate ganach.
Toppers made from sugar and it's all eatable. Email me if you are interested to order 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiffany Box inspried birthday cake for my sister -- Muwah

This is a cake which I made for my sister's birthday and it was inspired to do a Tiffany color box with a bow. Mainly due to the bow ??
The cake was a devil chocolate cake with a chocolate gnash covered in fondant.

I made the figures of the puppies looking like my dogs ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Small bar Sydney

Small Bar was voted one of the best places in Sydney to to have a drink and some antipasto .

Small bar as its name suggest is very small and cosy. Although there is limited capacity unlike bigger bars it offers are a very cosy environment and great antipasto . It was voted one of Sydney's best bars in 2011.

I would defiantly recommend you to check this place out. Best to go early as space is limited .

Lunch is also very enjoyable, they haven daily specials which are great so check them out ;)

Flying fish Sydney

I was really excited to try Flying fish and there has been a lot of great review about the food.

I made the booking back in December to try out there degustation menu
From the menu the selection looked awesome , additionally I orders a sushi carb which was very impressive.

The food was wonderful and interesting however there was a disappointment in the food being very salty .
Maybe I went just before the Christmas holiday however that is not really a acceptable excuse for such a prestiges Resturant . A lot of the dish was overwhelmed with the fast of salt, which was covering up the natural freshness of the seafood.

If I overlooked the excessive amount of salt , the favor combination was great. And impressive .
Some things like goat cheese I don't like at all and would choose to not eat it, however the peach and goat cheese combination was impressive.

The dessert was defiantly the highlight of the meal . It come with a very interesting story.
Basically the Resturant put out A challenge for the cooks to do a rotation. Where they will need to come up with a dessert idea and server it.
The cook which was responsible for the dessert I had actually didn't know what he was going to make and cover a ciggie and ashing into the flower pot he figured he will make a pot with ciggie buds.
Go figure in the presentation lol shocker but dame funnie , but taste awesome !!

Menu: 8/10 for freshness of the food and combination

Food : 4/10 the salt was unbearable , I drank so much water I keep running. To the bathroom ;(
For the price I paid and the actual quality of the cooking I was really disappointed. Com'on who leaves a stupid sue chef that has taste issues to cook the food?? I was pretty much eating half a bottle of salt with each course >=(

Ambience : 8/10 Nice location, guess the main cost of the meal was the view

Service :8/10
The door staff was umm not very friendly and arrogant . Told her in had a booking and she look like she cant find the booking and just wondered off to space and left my party starring after her. Good impression she made before I even sat down to eat.

The staff that looked after my table was very sweet and friendly which compensated on the unfriendly welcome at the door .

From where I was sitting some staff was really busy and others such as the kitchen preparation team and cooks had too much time to joke and do nothing but stand and stare at the customer. Not so comforting when ingot such salty food . Epic fail for Flying Fish !!

cost : 200+

Overall comments :
I would like to try it again when the stupid chef that cook my meal is not there but considering the price and the not so great experience . I can eat at much worthwhile Resturant . So this would definitely be the last place on my list to revisit .

Wedding cake with a twist - Deb and Bob's Wedding 24th March 2012-VW Wedding car cake

My good friends where finally getting married and offered to make them a wedding cake as a gift to them in celebration of this event

Yes this whole thing is cake....
it took me about a week to make as just the base alone had 400 + flowers which i made made .
My lovely bride and groom loved the present and the guest also have a massive surprise when they saw the cake .
It was amazing having the Sydney Oprah house as a backdrop during dinner and the lights in the car was on flashing away :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Di Stefano Coffee Warehouse, Cafe & Deli ~~ for coffee lovers

Di Stefano coffee warehouse, for those of you who love their coffee in the morning you would have had the roasted coffee beans from Di Stefano. This is where they roast the coffee!!.

This coffee warehouse is a cafe and deli where you can relax and have something to eat.
You can also go for a tour to see how coffee beans are roasted.

Di Stefano is basically a family business roasting coffees and they have grown as a chain supplier.

I am a massive coffee lover and i enjoy and love smooth coffee... rather then getting a burn coffee in the morning when you are waiting for a coffee hit and you have to cover the brunt coffee taste with heaps of sugar. :(  Alright  I am a very picky coffee drinker ...

Di Stefano definitely didn;t disappointing, the barristers make the coffee to perfection.
If you are looking to get a nice Cup then i would suggest if you are near Homebush to pop by.
This placed is very close to Stratified station  only a 5 min drive so it's a must go for all sydneysiders.

Not only do this place have nice coffee, they have lovely simply food as well as cakes.
My friend and i was in heaven when we saw all the different coffee makers and roasted beans you can buy.

Heres some snaps i took below from all the excrement .

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